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We are 6 kids that compete hard, share much and want to make the world a better place.

Help us compete at world again in 2019 by Donating at Go Fund Me

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It is going to cost us $14,000 to go compete at world this year. Corporate sponsors and parents are covering most of the costs. However, we are looking for people to help our families out. Please consider donating at our go fund me. Even $20 can help the team.

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You can email us at or contact us through Facebook @bionicporcupines.

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The Bionic Porcupines were founded by four kids that knew each other in elementary school. In the first year, the kids helped Sandy City increase glass recycling by research and locating a bin near the amphitheater, which has seen a lot of use. In the second year, the kids built a bird scare device that won the US President's Environmental Youth Award, which they received in Washington D.C. In their third year, the Bionic Porcupines won third place in robot design at the World Fesitival in Houston from over 32,000+ teams in the world and the second trophy to ever come home to Utah. This year, they seek to help astronauts in long-term space exploration reduce weight and build with innovative designs.

See us at Facebook and at Twitter @bionicporcupine